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TECHLABS cup with White-Ra

Posted by Hydra on Sunday, 17 March 2013. Hits: 7080

TECHLABS cup with White-Ra
TECHLABS Moscow 2013 event, which is about to be held at March 23 in the shopping center "Mega" Khimki, will not only be a grand show, but also a serious battle of competitive players in all top disciplines.
The organizers of the game festival approved a list of people who will commentate the  battles, and it is White-Ra for the StarCraft 2.

White-Ra goes to South America

Posted by Hydra on Monday, 28 January 2013. Hits: 6559

White-Ra goes to South America
White-Ra goes to Brazil from 29th to 4th February, to Buenos Aires, Argentina from 4th to 8th and to Lima, Peru from 8th to 12th.

IEM showmatches results

Posted by Hydra on Saturday, 09 February 2013. Hits: 7025

IEM showmatches results
Intel Extreme Masters S7: San Paulo HotS Showmatches have finished with following results:
zerg KiLLeR 2 - 0 protoss White-Ra
protoss Grubby 0 - 2 protoss White-Ra
terran FXO.Strelok 2 - 1 zerg KiLLeR
protoss Grubby 1 - 2 zerg KiLLeR
protoss Grubby 2 - 1 terran FXO.Strelok
protoss White-Ra 2 - 0 terran FXO.Strelok