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As a child I dreamt of becoming a firefighter!

Posted by Hydra on Thursday, 22 May 2014. Hits: 25771

As a child I dreamt of becoming a firefighter!
Today, I accidentally almost burned the neighbor’s house down, in the village. I had decided to burn a lot of dry wild herbs, which were cut down a few days ago by a worker (they were 30-40 centimeters high). But there were twigs, leaves and grass from previous years in a big pile, as well.
My friend and I made a special area for the fire and just in case, brought a bucket of water, but as soon as the fire started, the wind blew burning embers, bits of grass and twigs around and the fire began to spread in all directions. At that point, we did not panic and began to extinguish the fire, but the flames were spreading quickly.

Our main objective was to prevent fire from spreading toward the neighborshouse. We tried to cover the fire with soil and also doused it with buckets of water, but our efforts were in vain and the fire continued to slowly but surely spread out in all directions. Aware of our losing battle with the fire, I remembered that we were close to a builder’s yard and immediately ran off to try to get help, shouting: "Guys, we urgently need your help, or we will burn the neighbor’s house down." The men did not panic and ran over with shovels, helping us to prevent the fire from further. Later,one of them started hosing the fire with water. Eventually with all their help, we were able to bring the situation under control and stop the fire from spreading!
By this time, I was practically exhausted, choked with smoke and tired. My sneakers were burnt and dirty, and I looked like a chimney sweep with scratches all over my body J. I coughed for about an hour because I had inhaled so much smoke and had to go to the local farmer for milk, which really helped to clear my throat.
All the time when the fire started and began to spread, I was most afraid of damaging my neighbor's house. He’s a nice old chap, who fortunately was not home at that time. What would he have said had he returned home to find his house reduced to burning embers? It would have all been my fault.

Fortunately this did not happen. Remembering the part the builders played in our fight, I bought some presents to give to them for helping to put the fire out.
So to summarize, I want to say that the responsibility for the incident laid on me completely. As I did not envisage the fire well, situation got out of control the way it did.
The moral of the story is to always be careful, especially when fire is involved and if God forbid, the situation gets out of control - call someone for help immediately!