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White-Ra will face off Stephano in ChanmanV's Pro Corner

Posted by Amoureux on Tuesday, 24 April 2012. Hits: 6598

White-Ra will face off Stephano in ChanmanV's Pro Corner
Last time in ChanmanV's Pro Corner White-Ra opposed his "evil friend" uazergDimaga. On April 25, all things will be even harder: the organizers have decided to revive a series of clashes between White-Ra and frzergStephano.

Not a long time ago, Alex and Ilyes have faced in the IPL SXSW show match. And once again will of the lot brought them together in the Lone Star Clash and IGN ProLeague Season 4. Unfortunately for White-Ra, he lost all three games to french zerg.

But tomorrow they will have a completely different kind of confrontation. In addition to determine the winner, both players will try to learn their viewers something new. They will take turns commenting their actions during the game, and after end of match will answer to the viewers questions.

Will Stephano open a secret of his crazy PvZ or White-Ra finally will break the hegemony of Stephano? Find it out tomorrow, April 25 on 22:00 CET on the ChanmanV's Pro Corner stream.