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Do not be afraid to help people

Posted by Hydra on Tuesday, 15 July 2014. Hits: 38606

July 13th me and my wife went to visit my parents. On the way back home we encountered unconscious person lying in the middle of the road, everyone else simply passed by showing their indifference. I've stopped the car and approached the person, he was alive but had a blood chark near his head.
We called to emergency number and reported about the incident. Another car has stopped by and the driver approached. He suggested to move this person away from the road to the shadow. So we did.

Meanwhile the person has regained consciousness and started to claim that he is all right, but judging by his broken face he was far from good. I managed to buy some water in closest shop, so we could clean his face.

It appeared that he was coming back from fishing, because he had fishing rod and folding chair with him. While we were waiting for ambulance to come (around 20 minutes) the guy was constantly trying to escape, but every time he tried to walk it seemed like he is falling down, so I had to catch him. By some miracle I've managed to seat him down, that is when the medics came and took care of his wounds. The doctor said that this man should be taken to hospital to put stitches on his eyebrow, but this person denied that he needs any help.

After ten minutes of talking we convinced him to go to the hospital with medics. I hope they took good care of him there. What really dazed me is that I don't know how long this guy spent in the middle of the road, but I saw some people in front me that ignored him and did not even call for ambulance.

Don't be indifferent to other people, maybe sometime you will need strangers to help you!