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DreamHack is over. Hello DreamHack!

Posted by Amoureux on Monday, 24 September 2012. Hits: 6645

DreamHack is over. Hello DreamHack!
So the DreamHack EIZO Valencia Open 2012 tournament is over. The winner is already known - it's kr Terran Liquid.Taeja who made epic comeback losing 0:2 and finally beat in the  dramatic final kr Terran Mill.ForGG 3-2.

You remember,  that White-Ra could not pass the second group stage, once he was seeded with two other Protoss and PvP-lottery was unlucky for Aleksey.
Anyway this tournament is over, but the next tournament in the series - DreamHack EIZO Open Bucharest 2012 is not far away! It will be held from 20 to 21 October and White-Ra will also participate in the fighting of the best world Starcraft II players.

What about other travels? In early October, and it is from 4 to 7 October, Aleksey got the invitation of his title sponsor - Thermaltake, and will participate in the largest Russian exhibition of computer games industry - "Igromir 2012".

White-Ra is also shared his plans for the closest future. He noted that fully switched to the beta Heart Of The Swarm practice, however he will play in the invitational tournaments but ignore other regular tournaments. Aleksey said that both games: WOL and HOTS have similar dynamics and the game is not dramatically changed, so it's not difficult to play both versions of the game simultaneously.