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High quality "Special Tactics" glasses release

Posted by Hydra on Thursday, 29 July 2021. Hits: 3288

High quality
White-Ra announces the release of high quality "Special Tactics" glasses designed for computer work.
Special Tactics blue light blocking glasses are designed for extended computer work. UV400 anti-reflective lenses help to reduce eye strain, dryness and fatigue, and the frame is medical-grade quality, which allows you to replace the lenses with your required diopter if necessary.

special tactics glasses 1

Blue Light UV400 Blocking Lenses are designed to reduce glare and block harmful blue light from TV, computer, tablet or smartphone screens. The SPECIAL TACTICS anti-reflective comfort computer glasses have a light frame and are ideal for reading, gaming or general PC use.

special tactics glasses 2

Characteristics: polymer lens with 100% blue light and UV400 protection.
Frame material: medical steel with use of hypoallergenic paint, TR-90 plastic.
Frame parameters: eyepiece length - 51mm;  nose bridge width - 19mm; temple length - 142mm; weight - 20-25 grams.

special tactics glasses 3

These glasses are made especially for gamers and those people who spend much time at the computer, appreciate the high quality of products and special design.