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How legit is

Posted by Amoureux on Wednesday, 11 December 2013. Hits: 7541

How legit is
When White-Ra announced the partnership with, a lot of questions were raised towards the legitimacy of the eSports betting page. White-Ra wants to address those questions and asked Tom Lemke, Head of Marketing at eSportsventure, to clarify the situation and answer some questions from his fans.

White-Ra: “Hi Tom, thanks for taking the time to answer some burning questions. How legit is”

tom lemke
Tom Lemke, Head of Marketing at eSportsventure

Tom Lemke:
“No problem! is run by professionals which have over 40 years of combined betting experience and over 30 years of eSports knowledge. I think the most obvious answer to your question would be: We have an official Class-2 licence from the LGA (Lotto and Gaming Authority of Malta). It was not an easy task to obtain it.”

White-Ra: “What does the LGA exactly do for the users?”

Tom Lemke: “The LGA acts as a mediator between our users and us. In case of a dispute the users can always turn to the LGA and ask them to settle the problem. Of course the user should always try to solve the issue with us first. So far we’ve only encountered problems when games were postponed or a default win was awarded. In both cases we have to void the bets meaning, we return all of the stakes.”

White-Ra: “How are the players protected?”

Tom Lemke: “When we applied for the licence we had to show the LGA that we have at least €100.000 in the bank. The LGA wants to make sure that the company is able to pay out potential winnings. (Source: – Section 21). You can read more about it under section 13.”

White-Ra: “One last question: We don’t want a new betting scandal. What are you doing to protect eSports?”

Tom Lemke: “As corny as it may sound but we love eSports. I’ve been a professional gamer for mousesports, I even co-founded it! We don’t want to create problems for eSports, we want to help to develop it further. That being said there are several things we do in order to protect the integrity of our sports.
Let me give you an example:
Player A and Player B reached the Starcraft 2 finale of a small, community organized tournament. The winner gets €100 and the loser 50€. The match is being streamed live so we want to offer bets on that match. If we allow bets higher than €50, a player could make more money by losing than by actually winning it. This is just a hypothetical scenario but we don’t want to give an incentive which could ruin everything.

  • We limit the bet amount and adjust it to the prize money. If there is $50.000 on the line we do accept higher bets.
  • We have to know the players, teams, leagues and tournaments.
  • In order to offer bets on group stage matches, we force the customers to make an accumulator meaning he has to choose at least 3 or even 5 games to make a bet.

White-Ra: “Thank you for the answers!”