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NASL Season 3: White-Ra won Sheth in the Week 1

Posted by Amoureux on Tuesday, 17 April 2012. Hits: 5097

NASL Season 3: White-Ra won Sheth in the Week 1
Alex won his first game of the NASL Season 3 and he did it almost immediately after a grueling ten-hour flight from Canada to Kiev, and 30 hours without sleep.

Before the game NASL casters mr. Bitter and RotterdaM paid attention to the problems of White-Ra in PvZ and predicted win of the American zerg. However, White-Ra's practice for matches against Stephano strongly affected to the result: he played in the macro games well and uaprotossWhite-Ra could win uszerg Sheth  2:1. Thus, Alex revenged for his defeat in the November IPL Fight Club.

This match White-Ra played in the Cyberarena Kiev immediately after the presentation of new line of ASRock motherboards and the complicated show match against uazergHappyZerg. Next morning Alex left for Madrid and today he will participate in ASRock 2012 Annual Global Tour event:

Espacio monedero
Travesia de abdres mellado n3
28015 Madrid