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Ritmix RSL: White-Ra defeated IM.Losira

Posted by Amoureux on Tuesday, 26 June 2012. Hits: 5242

Ritmix RSL: White-Ra defeated IM.Losira
In the first round of the losers bracket uaProtoss White-Ra defeated krZergIM.Losira and reached the next stage of Ritmix RSL. In the first game Alex brilliantly defended against Losira's 6 pool all-in on the Tal'Darim Altar and then he counterattacked Korean player and forced him write "GG". In the second game IM team player used Infestors/Zerglings, but experienced "Grandpa Toss" did understand what's going on perfectly and choosed excellent mix of counter-forces.

2:0 in favor of White-Ra, and Alexey goes to the next round of the Ritmix RSL tournament.

Update: White-Ra will play vs byZergRoX.KIS.Slivko in the next round