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Three showmatches of White-Ra

Posted by Hydra on Saturday, 12 January 2013. Hits: 7374

Three showmatches of White-Ra
White-Ra won three showmatches these days: against Dragon, Fenix and Abomb.
Games against Dragon were organised by MLG.
In the first game White-Ra was not able to win a macro game against terran mmm+helions. 0-1
In the second game White-Ra should crash Dragon's 1-1-1, but he lost because of forgotten warpgate. 0-2
Then White-Ra played two next games with 6 gates + starport allin from 3 gases after 8 min and crashed terran forces. 2-2
The next game was the only one where White-Ra was not building starport so he lost having no observer against invisible banshees. 2-3
In next two games White-Ra used an interesting opening with 2 stalkers + oracle pressure into macro in 6th game and into allin with some voidrays in 7th. 4-3

Games against Fenix went pretty onesided, 4-0 for White-Ra in 3 macro games and one oracle-gate allin. And again our protoss used oracles in 3 of 4 games.
Match link:

In the first game against Abomb White-Ra made fenix + 3 gate allin and punished greedy protoss who was not prepared. 1-0
In second game White-Ra tryed to play same build, but Abomb had dts and made him go back. After this Abomb tryd to tower Ra with nexus, but Ra killed mamacore, anyway Abomb had too much stalkers. 1-1
On the next map with a huger ramp White-Ra did 3 gate pressure into expand + 3 gate and killed his opponent who went for fe + robo. 2-1
In the next game Abomb played starport - nexus - starport and was able to defend his expo against White-Ra's pressure using void rays, then he went into allin with 7 void rays, but Ra had more army and his own air so he crushed this push. 3-1
In the next game Abomb denied White-Ra's early gate pressure with nexus cannon and played a nice styled stalkers + ht + drops while WHite-Ra was trying to play air with carriers, but he had poor eco and lost. 3-2
In the last game White-Ra used nice refined build to defend against stalkers with fenixes before they got blink, so he got better eco and tech and after this took this macro game. 4-2
Match link:

Conclusion: ~4 oracles could be very useful against terran for early harras and for killing marines. One oracle, for example, could kill ~6 marines, very useful to have such unit in you army composition.