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Upcoming eSportsventure Cup

Posted by Amoureux on Wednesday, 15 January 2014. Hits: 6225

Hello guys!
A new year has begun and I am training really hard to get back in shape. I got invited to the eSportsventure Cup which fields some really strong players from all across Europe. This tournaments comes a little bit early for me but I will try my best to give you guys some great games so please cheer for me!
I’ve also looked at the other matches at and here are my predictions:
  • plProtoss MaNa – nlZerg Ret  - I think these players have equal chances to win so I would bet on MaNa because it will be very close!
  • frTerran Dayshi – deZerg TLO - The German Zerg will take this one.
  • dkProtoss BabyKnight – uaZerg DIMAGA - BabyKnight will probably take this match but you can never count out DIMAGA. When he has a good day he becomes a beast!
  • deProtoss Socke – uaTerran Kas - I disagree with eSportsventure on this match. I think Kas is the favorite here. He complains about Protoss but at the same time he has the best stats in PVT.
  • noZerg Snute – nlProtoss Harstem  - Snute will win. I am pretty sure about that.
  • deProtoss HasuObs – frProtoss ToD - PvP isn't predictable so fifty-fifty.
  • noZerg TargA – uaTerran Happy - Happy is favorite here, but Targa is such an unpredictable player. If he can make successful all-ins it could change the series!
You can bet on these matches yourself at!