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White-Ra exploring HOTS Special Tactics (+video)

Posted by Amoureux on Saturday, 13 October 2012. Hits: 8078

White-Ra exploring HOTS Special Tactics (+video)
After his return from Moscow White-Ra actively playing HOTS beta and continue his exploring of new Special Tactics. Many of you visited his stream where could see it live by White-Ra POV. Today we want to keep your attention on new vods that was recorded by White-Ra himself,  Husky and HDStarcraft. Also we asked White-Ra what he think about current HOTS balance.





And finally, opinion of White-Ra about current balance of HOTS and his suggestions.

And for sure I want admit that Widow Mines are too powerful. With their ability to kill every observer in their range, protoss have a poor chance to survive against Widow Mine rush or spent a lot of vespen gas to build observers right along and it's breaking his economic. After Swarm Hosts and Widow Mines was added, observers became the primary target and dies very quickly. In addition protoss haven't enough vision range in late PvZ and PvT. So it should be good return them Starcraft: Broodwar +3 vision range upgrade.

Carriers shoud be more effective like in Starcraft: Broodwar. There are a lot of ways to make it more useful - increase attack range, make faster shield regeneration or give them blink like stalkers have, but with 40 seconds cooldown.
One of my favourite units in WOL Beta - Void Ray also became rarely used unit in the middle and late games.