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White-Ra goes to South America

Posted by Hydra on Monday, 28 January 2013. Hits: 6623

White-Ra goes to South America
White-Ra goes to Brazil from 29th to 4th February, to Buenos Aires, Argentina from 4th to 8th and to Lima, Peru from 8th to 12th.
In Brazil from 29th to 30th he will take part in IEM shoumatches and play against Grubby, Strelok and Killer.
Then he will stay for the show and take part in shoumatches which organized by tt esports. He will talk to his fans, talk about tt esports products, make some educational games and play with some of his fans.

White-Ra's words about this trip:
"I've never been to South America, but I love this area, I am glad to finally get there, and shall be very happy to meet my fans and the fans of tt esporst in these countries"