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White-Ra on Dreamhack Valencia 2012

Posted by Amoureux on Tuesday, 18 September 2012. Hits: 6039

White-Ra on Dreamhack Valencia 2012
After not very successful games on the European finals of WCS White-Ra will continue his European mini-tour, and possibly a change of the Swedish nordic climate to warm sea Spanish climate, which is more familiar for seaside resident, will help Aleksey.
Yesterday White-Ra arrived to Barcelona, where he will stay a couple of day, and then travel to Valencia, where he will participate in the Dreamhack Valencia 2012 tournament. Today White-Ra is planning to meet with his fans in Barcelona where he will make photo with everyone, signing autographs and just chat in a relaxed atmosphere. Stay connected on White-Ra's Facebook to know exact place and time!

Now we bring you more details about the upcoming tournament. DreamHack EIZO Open Valencia is an annual event with a prize pool of 150,000 SEK. This competition is very personable and you can evaluate the level of players who will take part in it looking at the list of participants. We are hope White-Ra will play in full force in this tournament and please his fans of spectacular, entertaining and, most importantl, efficient games.