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White-Ra on the Taipei Game Show 2012 - Day 2 and Day 3

Posted by Amoureux on Sunday, 05 February 2012. Hits: 5897

White-Ra on the Taipei Game Show 2012 - Day 2 and Day 3

Like in the first day Alex had a lot of autograph sessions, made photos with his fans and played the show matches against his teammates. First he won 3:1 over Softball – one of the strongest players of Thermaltake Apollos. Then he met AK and won 3:0. After these BO5 series he played three BO1 vs Protoss, Terran and Zerg and won all these matches.

But the most interesting show matches were happening on the third day. White-Ra played vs. one of the strongest Terran players right now - MarineKing.PRIME...

Unfortunately Alexey lost two series - BO5 (1:3) and BO3 (1:2) but all of these games were very spectacular and all of the fans got a lot of fun seeing this matches. We have a little gift for you – the replay pack of these two matches. You can download it in the "Replays" section of our website.

White-Ra also played regional MLG qualifications, and speaks about his games:

"Today I have played MLG qualification on the Korean, and I must to say – it wasn’t easy. First I lost 2 games against InCa with 4-gate push (I thought that after a first game he will not play the same strategy).

In the losers bracket I played vs. Korean Terran – MVP. Keen and I had good opening, but then I lost 200 vs. 200 battle (EMP purged the shields of my whole army). Second game I made an early scouting after the first pylon, but found command centre of my opponent only in the last position and all I saw was only a blocking depot.

Then I made 1 zealot, 1 stalker and 2nd expand, but Terran had a surprise for me – he made 3 racks and pushed me with 7-8 marines and 2 SCV. In that moment I had only 3 units and should of cancelled my Nexus. Terran made the bunkers near me and built a second command center. I broke his block and built double Nexus. But good timing attack (mariners, marauders and ghosts) left me no chance to defense against that push."

As you can see second and third days were very hot for White-Ra but he is full of the power and very glad of participation in TGS 2012.