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White-Ra replacing Ret on IEM 6 Hannover

Posted by Amoureux on Sunday, 04 March 2012. Hits: 5241

White-Ra replacing Ret on IEM 6 Hannover
Unfortunately Ret isn't able to visit IEM6 Hannover and White-Ra replacing him in the Group B. White-Ra will join one of the strongest group where he will meet krprotossMC, fiprotosselfi, deprotossHasuObs, krterranSound and plzergNerchio

To be honesty White-Ra is now rather in the delicate situation because in any case he will not miss showmatch against Stephano. No matter what place he will take in his group on IEM 6 Hannover, he will fly to the USA. In the last days White-Ra have focused on his preparing against Stephano and he met twice against him in the ladder games (you can watch stream records of 27 February and 3 March) and twice he have defeated his opponent.

Alexey said:

I haven't time to prepare against players of my group, because now I'm busy with visa issues, planning flights for March and April, CeBIT partcipation etc. I just will try to play creative, and at first want to make good show using my favourite special tactics - fast motherships, colossi drops, accelerated warp prism etc, and I'll not be very worried about the results.