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White-Ra teams up with

Posted by Amoureux on Saturday, 07 December 2013. Hits: 6379

White-Ra teams up with
Aleksey "White-Ra" Krupnyk takes eSports serious. Being a professional gamer for over a decade, Aleksey knows what needs to be done to push eSports to the next level. "When approached me I was a little bit hesitant. Gambling? Betting has followed sports since the dawn of time, it legitimizes a sport, but many mistakes were made in the past when it came to eSports betting." - said Aleksey.

Being curious, he dug deeper, trying to find out more about their concept and their understanding of his sport is being run by former pro gamer who want to make a difference. When they explained to me how they protect the integrity of eSports and showed me their official licence from the LGA I thought: "This is the way it should have been done years ago. We share the same vision, to push eSports even further!"
It should be added that betting should be done in a responsible manner. Aleksey wants to stress this out: "Betting 5 Euro on a match to make it more exciting is the right way to go. Only use money you actually have. Betting should be fun, not a way to earn a living!"

Tom Lemke, Head of Marketing at had this to say "We are honored that Aleksey chose to work with us. We think that our low-stake approach, to protect eSports, is the best solution. We don’t want to create a scenario where losing a big match is more attractive than winning it." is officially licenced by the LGA (LGA/CL2/886/2013) and is being operated from Malta.