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White-Ra took 3rd place on the HOTS Beta Invitational #1

Posted by Amoureux on Sunday, 30 September 2012. Hits: 5846

White-Ra took 3rd place on the HOTS Beta Invitational #1

Yesterday was held one of the first Starcraft II: Heart Of The Swarm Beta tournaments - HOTS Beta Invitational # 1 with a prize pool of $600. The tournament become even more interesting because of patch that brought a few changes to the game balance.

White-Ra warmed up a little before a start of the tournament playing couple of ladder games and in the first round beat ua Zerg Acer.Bly 2:0, but then lost 1:2 to pl Zerg Acer.Nerchio, who played the entire tournament by the random race.

Then Aleksey in the losers bracket defeat de Terran mouz.HeroMarine and again proved his superiority over ua Zerg Acer.Bly, but unfortunately lost in the losers final to ua Zerg mTw.DIMAGA.

However, it was enough for White-Ra to take third place and won $100. Aleksey had technical issues all the day that was associated with packet loss to the HOTS Beta server and it is significantly affected to results of matches. White-Ra is very well used Mothership Core changes that was brought by the new patch and looked very confident but unfortunately White-Ra couldn't show good micro in the crucial moments and hadn't able to take better place.

Also we want to remember about succesfull games of White-Ra on eXtensive WD Challenge #1 where Aleksey was able to make all-kill 4:0 and won 150 euros and Western Digital hardware. You can download full replay pack with a little bonus - few close ladder PvT games.

And for all the fans of White-Ra who is still have fresh memories about the Blizzard WCS, we have added a new photo gallery of this event. Enjoy!

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