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White-Ra vs JonnyRecco $175 Showmatch

Posted by Amoureux on Wednesday, 25 April 2012. Hits: 5851

White-Ra vs JonnyRecco $175 Showmatch
On Thursday, April 26, White-Ra will face in BO7 show match against a rising star of the Team Infused - gbzergJonnyRecco and winner will take $175. Recent achievements of a British man are pretty decent: he oftenly win a map or two in matches against top gamers like gbprotossTitan, gbterranHappy, gbzergSleep, and even take over gbzergPhoeNix in EU Go4SC2 Cup #185 finals. Will JonnyReco can surprise "Grandpa toss" White-Ra? It will be known April 26 19:00 CET on InfusedTV stream.

Map pool

  • ESV ClouD Kingdom by SUPEROUMAN
  • MLG Shakuras Plateau by MLGmaps
  • MLG Tal'Darim Altar by MLGmaps
  • GSL Daybreak (Official) by MildCocoA
  • GSL Bel'Shir Beach Winter) by MildCocoA
  • GSL Antiga Shipyard by MildCocoA
  • GSL Metropolis by MildCocoA
  • TSL3 GSL Terminus RE by TeamLiquid



"It was looking like a shut-out with the first 3 games, as White-ra's forces were overwhelmed by the sheer macro ability of the zerg and JonnyRecco's topnotch decision making skills. Just when all hope was lost, White-ra opened up the special tactics floodgates and started doing multipronged warp prism play, archon toilets, and beautiful force field placement.

In a comeback that even some of the most loyal fans thought unlikely, White-ra cleaned up and won the show match 4-3", commented Klentir Pearce on White-Ra's Facebook fan page.