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White-Ra will play on Reverse Race tournament

Posted by Amoureux on Wednesday, 27 June 2012. Hits: 6728

White-Ra will play on Reverse Race tournament

Team Dignitas with a sponsorship of Alienware laucnhes SC2 Reverse Race Tournament, where the best Starcraft II players must play each other by their "non-main" race. Alexey "White-Ra" Krupnyk has been invited too, and now he is practice roach push, muta harass, and ready to wonder his opponents by mass drops and make final strike by ghosts with nukes!

Update: White-Ra(Z) won FXO.Slavik(P) in RO16, then lost 2 ZvP to Acer.Nerchio in RO8

Not Terran:
Terran ClouD - Carlo Giannacco
Terran Kas - Mihaylo Hayda
Terran LucifroN - Pedro Moreno Duran
Terran GoOdy - Sascha Lupp

Not Protoss:
Protoss BlinG - Samayan Kay
ProtossSocke - Giacomo Thüs
Protoss MaNa - Grzegorz Komincz
Protoss White-Ra - Aleksey Krupnyk

Not Zerg:
Zerg sLivko - Artem Garavtsov
Zerg JonnyREcco - Paul Whyte
Zerg Cytoplasm - Jonas Larsson
Zerg HappyZerG - Svyatoslav Vlasyuk

Prize pool

  • 1st place: 200£ (~248€)
  • 2nd place: 100£ (~124€)
  • 3rd-4th places: 50£ (~62€)

Map pool

  • ESV Korhal Compound TE
  • ESV Ohana LE
  • ESV Vicious
  • ESV Khaydaria
  • MLG Entombed Valley


Format: Single Elimination BO3 for 16 players (BO5 in final match) - details about matchup see on Team Liquid forum


Four streams, coverage of all matches: