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White-Ra wins qualification seed for IEM Singapore!

Posted by on Friday, 26 October 2012. Hits: 6617

White-Ra wins qualification seed for IEM Singapore!
Aleksey was invited to the 3rd qualification stage and bravely fought versus the best 15 european players. Being on the edge of elimination after dramatical losses to eszergVortiX and ruzergSlivko he have beaten dutch legend nlprotossGrubby and made it to the 5th place and successfully got qualification seed to IEM Singapore.
"Now it's very hard to beat strong zergs either with 2 base all-ins or in macro-styled play, i have to find the best way to counter zerg swarm. But still I am very pleasant to be able going to IEM Singapore and represent Ukraine, Europe and my partners there. Too bad Grubby will not attend Singapore, it would be nice to see him there :(",- said White-Ra.

IEM Singapore will be held on SITEX 2012 exhibition from 22 to 25 of november.