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Do not be afraid to help people

Posted by Hydra on Tuesday, 15 July 2014. Hits: 38606

Do not be afraid to help people
July 13th me and my wife went to visit my parents. On the way back home we encountered unconscious person lying in the middle of the road, everyone else simply passed by showing their indifference. I've stopped the car and approached the person, he was alive but had a blood chark near his head.

As a child I dreamt of becoming a firefighter!

Posted by Hydra on Thursday, 22 May 2014. Hits: 25771

As a child I dreamt of becoming a firefighter!
Today, I accidentally almost burned the neighbor’s house down, in the village. I had decided to burn a lot of dry wild herbs, which were cut down a few days ago by a worker (they were 30-40 centimeters high). But there were twigs, leaves and grass from previous years in a big pile, as well.

New Year hack story

Posted by on Saturday, 28 January 2012. Hits: 34369

New Year hack story

I did a little quest at my Facebook page and it's time to tell you full story about the door lock.

This funny story happened to me during celebration of the New Year. I celebrated the New Year with my good friend, who lives and works in Moscow, but every year comes to celebrate the New Year in Odessa. We met the New Year at the midnight and all of our company – a family of my friend, me and my wife, and all the guests went outside the apartments to arrange fireworks...